Current Fundraisers

Puffed Corn

These yummy treats are perfect for stocking stuffers... or just to surprise that special someone with. Each bag is only. 

Orders due by 12/4 and delivery will be in the band on 12/21 at 5:30pm


Recurring Fundraisers

Band Bucks

Band Bucks is an easy, no-selling fundraiser that allows families to raise money toward band expenses. Band Bucks are gift cards we are able to purchase at a discount of up to 20% from our supplier Raise Right. You pay for and receive full face value for the gift cards and the difference is a rebate split between 90% for your student's account and 10% for the Band Boosters. Band Bucks are another way to pay for everyday purchases using gift cards in place of cash, checks, or credit cards. Many of the retailers offer a higher percentage than many “cash back” credit cards. Orders for physical gift cards are due by the first Monday of the month by 5pm for delivery at the Booster meeting the second Monday of the month (or by special arrangement). E-gift cards and Reloads are available at any time on the website.

Instructions for Getting Started via the Raise Right Website or Mobile App

Our enrollment code is: B4L87B1B9L39

Create your account at:

If you have any questions about this program and how it works please reach out to Sarah Jones at