Obtaining Volunteer Clearances 

Steps to obtain your clearances:
1. Complete the Application to Volunteer

2. Obtain official clearances (click below further assistance with obtaining clearances)

3. All documents (application, all required clearances, and TB test results if applicable) should be returned to the school office to obtain the signature of the building principal.  By obtaining the signature of the building principal, the administrator is made aware of those individuals who wish to volunteer, granting approval for that individual to become a volunteer and have access to be in the building.

4.  Once the administrator has signed the Application to Volunteer, documents are forwarded to the office of the Assistant Superintendent for review and recommendation to the Board of School Directors for approval as a volunteer.  

5.  Volunteers are approved dependent on the validity of the clearances submitted and a list of volunteers is approved each month at the Board of Directors meetings (click here to view board calendar).  Once formal approval is granted, a letter of approval is forwarded to the volunteer.  Only AFTER receiving Board approval may you be eligible to volunteer.

The district recommends that you begin the clearance process now to avoid any potential conflicts with your volunteer dates.

Volunteers who are unsure of their current clearance status should contact their building secretary.   A list of names of active volunteers is maintained and available to district staff.  Volunteers will be listed as active as long as clearances on file remain valid. Clearances are valid for five (5) years from the date of issuance. You must provide updated clearances prior to expiration in order to remain an active volunteer.   Please understand, this is a state mandate and as such, it is necessary for the district to conform to this process.